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This Website is in Honor of those who lead the way for us when they knitted, crocheted, or in some way crafted, for others.

The term, Knit Your Bit, originated during the wars when men, women, and children on the home front knitted socks, caps, sweaters, scarves and more for those in the military.

Today, “Knit your Bit” still stands for knitting for those in the military. However, currently the phrase seems to have taken on a broader scope as many continue the tradition of extending their good will.

Yes, this gift begins with the heart. Add to that the ageless craft of using our hands to knit, crochet, or craft, with the intent of helping others and amazing things happen! What a testament to the receiver, as well as the giver!

It is my hope that in starting this site you will join in and become part of this virtual Knit Your Bit.

Please contribute by sharing your experiences (as the giver or the receiver), as well as by letting us know what we can do to “Knit YOUR Bit.”

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